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Cac Co cave Vietnam Cave

Cac Co cave

Cac Co cave is in Thay pagoda complex of Sai Son commune (Quoc Oai district, Hanoi) which is concerned for being said to have 3600 skeletons. Crossing the stone steps to come to the top of the pagoda and passing a gliding stone flap, we came to the entrance. The cave is deep and dark; [...]
 Huong Tich cave Vietnam Cave

Huong Tich cave

Huong Tich is a nice cave and the centre part of Huong Son national tourism spot in My Duc district, Hanoi. Huong Tich cave is about 70km to the South West of Hanoi. There is pagoda called Huong Tich Pagoda inside. From Giai Oan pagoda, visitors would cross the journey of 2.5km to come to [...]
 Cam Duong cave Vietnam Cave

Cam Duong cave

Cam Duong cave is considered the most beautiful cave in Yen Bai and could be listed as the group of 10 most beautiful caves in Vietnam. Cam Duong cave has the location in the middle of Bach Ngoc Mountain, which is in Chinh Quan hamlet, Lieu Do commune, Luc Yen district, Yen Bai province. The [...]
 Muong Khuong cave Vietnam Cave

Muong Khuong cave

About 500m from Muong Khuong district, there are two mountains emerging and created two vertical cliffs. Between them is Muong Khuong – Pha Long road which is called Ham Rong by local people. From the far distance, Ham Rong Mountain looks like a giant mouth facing the sky. It is said that this is the [...]
Tien Son cave Vietnam Cave

Tien Son cave

Phong Nha and Kho cave are only two among 300 caves and caves in the natural preserve zone of Phong Nha – Ke Bang, which is so-called “kingdom of caves”. Tien Son entrance is about 1,000 m from Phong Nha cave on the height of 200m. Tien Son is located in the Limestone Mountains of Ke [...]
Pa Thom cave Vietnam Cave

Pa Thom cave

Located in the west of Dien Bien district, about 30km from the centre of Dien Bien Phu city, belong to two communes of Na U and Pa Thom, the national landscape of Pa Thom cave is certified in 2009 to be the interesting ecological tourism spot. According to the topographer, in the valley area among [...]
Tham Pua Cave Vietnam Cave

Tham Pua Cave

Tham Pua cave (or Tham Bang cave) is located in Bung Lao commune, Tuan Giao district, Dien Bien province. It is a natural beautiful cave with the large and deep space and many alleys. It is about nearly 100m high. This is also the first head quarter of the Dien Bien Phu campaign. In the [...]
Tham Tet Toong cave Vietnam Cave

Tham Tet Toong cave

Tam Tet Toong cave is in Chieng An commune, Son La township, Son la province and it is about 2km from the centre of Son La township. Coming to Muong Lat orient, Chieng An is peaceful located beside the provincial road next to Chieng Phom and Chieng Ho. The road to the cave is along [...]
Bach Son Cave Vietnam Cave

Bach Son Cave

Bach Son’s entrance is more than 20m wide which is covered by ancient trees. Its inside part is wide and hundreds of meter deep. The stalactites with different shapes, which is beautiful without any description. Bach Son Cave has just been discovered in Bac Me district (Ha Giang province), which is about 1 hour on [...]
Surprise Cave Vietnam Cave

Surprise Cave

Located in the centre of the World Natural Heritage of Halong. Sung Sot Cave in Bo Hon island is named by the French. This is the beautiful Cave, which is in the first rank of Halong. On the other hand, it is located in the centre of Halong tourism part (Ti Top beach, Bo Nau [...]


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